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Map of hotel in Vegadeo

Email: |  Telf: 984.83.43.58 / 629.01.84.08 |  Calle Armando Cotarelo, 16, Vegadeo  (Asturian Coast)

In order to get to the Casa Soto Hotel you have to take the intersection between Asturias and Galicia, near Eo, Monjardin and Suaron rivers. Our hotel lies in a natural area close to some of the most famous beaches of the Cantabrian: Penarronda, Arnao, Serantes and Las Catedrales beach in Lugo. Besides, our hotel in Vegadeo has good communications with some of the most stunning tourist attractions of the area, such as Taramundi, San Tirso de Abres, Villanueva de Oscos, Ribadeo...

Casa Soto Hotel
  • RibadeoIt's 8.09 km from the hotel
  • Beach of the CathedralsIt's 10.88 km from the hotel
  • Serantes beachIt's 11.94 km from the hotel
  • TaramundiIt's 12.36 km from the hotel
  • Arnao beachIt's 9.81 km from the hotel


Departure: Casa Soto Hotel

Hotel Coordinates:
Length: -7.049665
Latitude: 43.463593
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