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Email: |  Telf: 984.83.43.58 / 629.01.84.08 |  Camino de las Quintas 384, Gijon  (Asturian Coast)

The double rooms in Gijon of the Quinta Duro Hotel keep the charm of 2 centuries ago and they offer our guests the possibility to enjoy an authentic and exclusive stay in a typical 1860 Asturian house, with vintage decoration and modern spaces at the service of your rest.


The double rooms of the Quinta Duro Hotel offer you two accommodation options: a matrimonial bed or 2 single beds.

All the double rooms have between 17.5 and 44.5 square metres of space and they feature the decoration of the original Asturian house where they are located. Our double rooms are a rural accommodation in Gijon full of history and character. These perfectly-equipped rooms feature 3-star services and beautiful views.

Choose your double room in Gijon and boast of a unique rural hotel.

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